Dear God Somebody Help Youtube

Let me start this out by saying I’m officially commenting on current events apparently. I don’t know if I’ve done that in the past, but train theory persists.

We’re one day into 2018 and this year’s already gone into the shit. In 2017, the YouTube platform turned incredibly ridiculous, where both the guy I watched in high school and the guy I loudly proclaimed disdain for in high school turned out to be racists, and then also a dude just sort of made a vlog announcement of him and his wife’s divorce. Now, this isn’t new to me. I watch football. People revealing themselves as racists is just a part of the game.

Anyway, on this, the first day of 2018, a man went to a place where people commonly commit suicide and then filmed his reaction as he saw the corpse of one of those people who committed suicide.

Now, I know what I said about the content train earlier. I understand the Muntz Rule. There are people out there who make a living through holding a camera while they do interesting shit and, sometimes, that path leads you to a dead body. I don’t get that career. I also don’t do interesting shit, for what it’s worth, and my vlog channel would be like “Skippy Peanut Butter at Wal-Mart ON SALE?” and “PLAYSTATION HAUL FROM GAME STORE” and I’d be like pulling copies of NFL Gameday 2002 out of a plastic bag and mumbling about Donovan McNabb.

However, I also noticed that this guy, who’s only twenty-five days older than I am and also grew up in the midwest, was able to travel to Japan in search of a dead body and then found said dead body presumably with his own money. He also lives in this huge ass house. There’s gold in this here vlog well, and if I gotta touch a dead body or two to get it, then so be it. The Vlog Train Has Started and It’s Not Gonna Stop. This is my first rudimentary vlog, entitled “At Work Yall”, and more will follow. Join me and the rest of BONESQUAD (that’s the name of my vlog fan club I’ve just decided on) when we go to a morgue next week and chill out.

On the opposite tip, it’s important for me to say this: This guy going to Japan for literal death tourism and filming himself for the content is fucking insane and colonialist and all that. This is an example of a young guy getting money and then getting totally in over his head as a foreign tourist the same way that Matthew Broderick did when he accidentally killed those two women while driving down the wrong side of the road in 1987. Quinton Reviews on Youtube made an excellent video about this mindset and I honestly doubt anyone who didn’t come into adulthood doing self-unaware shit like Logan Paul does would’ve ended up at this point. Kids, even if you end up with your dream job, from time to time, you have to look at yourself critically. Not so critically that it drives you into depression like I have, but, y’know, sort of critically. Like stop yourself before you go to a forest and find a dead body on camera critically.

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