Where Are We Going if Tumblr Dies?

Tumblr… perhaps… is finally biting the dust, and I know not what to feel about it. However, if Tumblr users need a new home, I’ve found a few.


Extremely Esoteric Facebook Groups

I keep seeing posts shared from Facebook groups like “Ben Shapiro’s Kekkest Trolls” and “Brett Favre’s Dank Meme Base” or “H. Ross Perotposting” or “Sister Souljah’s House of Dankness” or “The Shitposting of Products Available in Skymall” or “Assata Shakur’s Jokehouse” and I’m reminded of how esoteric early Tumblr could get. Early Tumblr got deep, deep in the weeds with every TV show, book, comic, and game universe it touched, eventually bringing them together like some sort of extreme GameMasterAnthony birthday party. While Facebook doesn’t allow for the blog format or, really for any sense of artistic ownership at all before your birth certificate is sold to a group named like “Data Partidum” so that CVS can better present which flavored pecans are best for you, it presents a sort of mangled version of what Tumblr did well.

Fax Machines

Fax Machine

I figure that the majority of people on tumblr have succumbed to the mundanity of whatever cubicle-based office jobs remain by now. Those of us who were horny 16 year old superwholocks in 2010 are now horny 24 year old office workers at some toilet company in 2018, with ample access to a fax machine and fingers twitching, ready to fax out whatever the fax equivalent of a gifset of longing glances between Samwise and Frodo. The machine’s open, it’s time for Tumblr nation to rise up.

The Woods


Trees are your Posts. Dirt is your Reblogs. Leaves? baby, those are your DMs. And twigs are your, uh, tags. Bada bing, bada boom

Remaining on Tumblr

Yeah this is just what I’m gonna do anyway, I’m riding this ship to the end, baby!

Syracuse University


Syracuse University is a major research institution located in Syracuse, New York. The private institution was founded in 1870 as a Methodist institution, though it has remained officially secular since 1920. Among Syracuse University’s significant alumni are Joyce Carol Oates, Vanessa Williams, and Joseph Biden. Syracuse’s infrastructure and history of varied and diverse topics of research and offered degrees serves as excellent potential platform for the offbeat humor and sense of community offered by Tumblr.

The Deadline for Freshman Applications comes January 1st of 2019, so there’s still time to apply! Go Orange!

MySpace 2: Da Return

myspace tom

Tom’s back and he’s committed this time. MySpace 2 Will Save Us All


Aw, well, shucks. Little ol’ me? Taking on the burden of Tumblr? I don’t know about that! I’ve only got enough room on this ol’ site for me and my friends the rats right now, but… I guess I could make space for you Tumblr people… Just for a little bit, though. Only for you to get back to work, that’s maybe a few weeks and that’s it, okay? I’ll make sure you have space on the couch, though, I just have to move all these extraneous notebooks. You’re safe with me for now, though.

I’m like all the hell over Tumblr. There’s vendingmachina and scooterhell both. Also we’re on Twitter and Facebook, also we’re on Ko-Fi.

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