LEAKED: Announced Titles for Soulja Boy’s new “SouljaGame” Console

On December 5th, gaming changed forever. Gamer Nation: Rise Up, and Crank Dat

Soulja Boy

The JoeBush.net research team has recovered, through a series of heists and several emails where I begged Soulja Boy to send me the info, a list of games available for the newly-launched SouljaGame console. At the moment we have only a few names, and most of them are what simply I could interpret from a drunken 3 AM phone call I shared with Mr. Boy last night.

Time to Fight Dad

Caber Toss Simulator

Food Fight: The Game

Hotel Mario HD

Huge Baby With a Gun

JFK: Reloaded 2


Hack This Election! 

Shaun Murray’s Wakeboarding: Leashed

Kill Cleatus the FOX Robot

Super Robespierre

D.B. Cooper’s Descent

Virtual Jonestown


Battle City

Scary Nightmare Version of Bomberman 64 where the characters really bleed and die and it’s in an unmarked cartridge you bought at a creepy antique store

Dennis Miller Interactive

Wladmir Klitschko’s Вибити

Make My Video! Soulja Boy

Execution at the Hands of Fucked Up Tin Toy Baby

Drunken Fight at a Mid-Tier Bowl Game 2001

Madden Bus 1996 [Desert Bus reskin, you control John Madden’s bus on a 3 day trip between Kansas City, Missouri and Detroit, Michigan]

Plumbers Continue to Not Wear Ties


Spider-Man and Pregnant Elsa Fight Mr. Krabs and Orange Venom at Safeway

Pick Out Coded White Nationalist Sentiments in Your Cameo Requests

Mike Ditka’s Quarterback Attack

Horny Michelin Man VR

Elf Bowling

Elf Bowling 2

Chicken Shoot!

Elf Bowling 1999 [Exactly the same as Elf Bowling 2]

Elf Bowling DX

Stickman Fight COLLECTION

Poke the Fat Kid Til He Barfs and Win a PS2


Rotten.com: The Game

Logan Paul’s Pro Suicide Forest Explorer

Warehouse Level from Tony Hawk but that’s it

NBA Elite 11

Try to Talk to Cool Girl with Colorful Hair

Hanggliding Accident Simulator

Super Mario Bros. 7 [This, from what we can tell, is a reskin of Double Dribble somehow]

Make My Video: Soulja Boy 2

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Hot Coffee Only Edition

No Russian Extreme

Train John Hinckley Jr. Slightly Better

Ultimate Gizmondo Collection

It is unknown how well this system will sell, but my original creation “Beat Joe Bush To Death With a Bat” will drop hopefully Q2 2019 on SouljaGame. Twitter / Facebook / Ko-Fi

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