EDITORIAL – Who Turned Out the Lights??

The world seems to have gone dark all of a sudden and I’m looking for answers. Who turned out the lights?


It seems only moments ago, the world was bright, the room around me was bathed in the bright luminescence of a spring day. Me and my other bumbling henchmen friends, those whom I adore and respect with utmost admiration, were chasing an intrepid hero through my boss’s lair.

Truthfully, I thought I had him under my grasp. I figured that the fact that me and my four other mates, all similar henchmen to myself, would be able to combine ourselves in order to form a more formidable force than the one presented by our opponent here. Though the opponent is quite cunning and daring, I feel that our combination of skill may be the kicker here. An opponent really needs only to make one mistake in order for us to capitalize upon it, and taking the proper steps to neutralize them.

However… A recent development of only about four seconds ago has seemingly changed the situation at hand. The lights… seemed to have turned out. A well-lit room, the one in which I’d grounded myself, in a world I understood visually only moments ago, has gone dark. The light has gone, and the darkness has taken its place. Someone has turned out the lights.

And it’s high time that we find out who did so.

If you’ve turned out the lights, then please, for the sake of my friends, my mission, and my health, turn them back on. And if you know who turned out the lights? Tell me. Let me know, help me to understand who turned out the lights so that we can get past this darkness and return to an existence where things are clear and light shines upon all.

And after that, I need to know: Which way did he go? Which way did he go?

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