– History’s Greatest Website

Not much there…. yet… but it’s all we need.


Tom Cruise is one of the greatest living American actors. He was the leading man in such fantastic films as Mission Impossible 2, Mission Impossible 3, Top Gun, and the NASCAR one. He’s got his whole religion thing he’s doing, which I assume is all above board. He had that thing on Oprah that one time. All of those things, one hundred percent of them, every single thing I mentioned, are fantastic.

But none of them can hold a candle to hise name’s greatest work: is a bizarre little place. It appears to be a project which was, at some point, opened, but never closed. It is forever a work in progress. The site seems to understand that. As it states, there is not much there. But after that four-dot ellipsis, (a rare number of dots to see in an ellipsis, between the typical 3-dotter and the less-common but not unheard of 5-dotter) there rests most important word here – ‘yet!’

With that “yet!”, Tom Crews has opened the site up to the potential for a bright future. A limitless future. could become the best, most important website in history. Tom Crews could bring us the greatest database of knowledge, the most effective social media platform, the greatest web-based collection of incredible artistry, or at the very least several more pictures of him standing next to a car. That future is still possible for Just like it is for all of us.

But at the moment, it’s been preserved as it was whenever it was originally created (the combination of the large Times New Roman text, the single JPEG of Tom standing next to a car, and the background of a repeated logo for some sort of auto racing company makes me guess that it was 1999). So, perhaps, one day… Tom Crews will put something there.

But for the moment, the future of is unknowable, unthinkable, unreachable, but it very well could be unbelievable. is the future. is significantly more important than whatever dumb shit I was about to link. But here they are – Post Hole / Tweet Hole / Ko-Fi

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