Once Again, A list of names and also the term “KU Football Head Coaching Search”

So it has come again to this –

The time has come to do this once more. To reiterate I do not know whether or not we’re actually considering these people but I have put their names in bold. They are people and the University of Kansas does have a football team. This article has no meaning and should not be read, however I still wrote many names, read them if you like or do not if you do not like. I know nothing. I am stretching this first part out so you will skim over it. The above picture of Mark Mangino is my favorite picture of him. Look at his hand on the other man’s face, like some bizarre hug.

Dave Doeren, North Carolina State HC

Craig Bohl, Wyoming HC

Kevin Kane, Illinois AHC/LB

Tom Herman, Former Texas HC

Clint Bowen, Lawrence High School HC

Charlie Weis Jr., University of South Florida OC

Eric Bienemy, Kansas City Chiefs OC

Markman Geno, Undefined

Football, The Entire Concept of It

Twitch Chat, Fan Controlled Football HC

Kevin “Big Hat” Richardson, Owner of Big Hat

Bill Belichick, New England Patriots HC

Bill Self’s Evil Twin Sill Belf Who Is As Good At Coaching Football As Normal Bill Self Is At Coaching Basketball Except He Is Evil, Evil Kansas HC

David Beaty, Former Kansas HC

One Of You Little Freaks

Either of the Mascots, Kansas Mascots

Joe Bush, The Dumpster

Some Kind of Bear Who Can Talk

Donald Trump, Former President

Paul Johnson, Former Georgia Tech HC

Paul Johnson, DJ Funk, DJ Sneak, DJ Rush, Waxmaster, Hyperactive, Jammin Gerald, Bryan Wilson, George Clinton, Lil Louis, Ashley Beatto, Neil Landstruum, Kenny Dope, DJ Hell, Louis Vega, K-Lexi, Dr. Dre’s in the house yeah, Omega in the house, Gemini is in the house, Jeff Mills is in the house, Daft Punk Teachers

Jerry Kill, Former Minnesota HC

Picture I Drew of a Goose For the Purposes of This Line of Text, Post-it Note

KU COACH, University of Kansas HC, NCAA Football 2005, PlayStation 2 (303-0 Record over 22 seasons, 22 National Championships)

The Other Berhalter Brother

Okay But What if We Just Like Had All the Fans in the Stadium Hold Up Cards That Said What to Do, Or Maybe an App Or Something

Nugg Demuro, Concept I Came Up of a Version of Doug Demuro Except He Reviews Weed

Coronavirus 2019, The Utility of Which Would Be as a Justification for Shutting the Program Down Entirely

Douglas Stupidpants, Dumbass College

Beau Bridges, The Wizard

John Madden, TV

“We Must Protect This House” Guy, Those Under Armour Commercials From Like 2005

Tyrone Willingham

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