Well, MY Bracket’s Already Busted!

Oh come on! 


What follows here is several GIFs of people ripping up pieces of paper

Lance Reddick Reaction GIF by CBSAngry Homer Simpson GIF

Tear Up Young And Restless GIF by CBS

Nancy Pelosi Reaction GIF by GIPHY News

Tear Paper Tearing GIF by moodman

Pretend the paper being ripped up is their NCAA Tournament brackets!

Tearing Nancy Pelosi GIF by GIPHY News

Standing behind Trump, Nancy Pelosi rips up a copy of his State of the  Union speech right after he finishes

Discerning eyes will notice that that is marinara and not barbecue sauce. This is (and this is the truth) because the barbecue sauce I buy is too good and too expensive to waste for a joke. If you want recommendations for that please ask me

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