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Monday Update: 5/4/15

It’s the fourth of May, fourth of May be with you, Star Fox Fans! Who’s ready for Star Fox? Hell yeah! Star Fox! NBA 2K15 (XBONE): Fourteenth Appearance, Fourth Straight Appearance I’m sure everyone’s excited to hear more about the story … Continue reading

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Old Sports Games #31 Afterthoughts

Nintendo has had a weird history with in-house sports games. The NES was partially launched with sports games, like Golf, Baseball, 10 Yard Fight, Ice Hockey, etc. A descriptive bunch of titles, setting up a no-nonsense approach for the opening of … Continue reading

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Tuesday Update: 3/3/15

I’m not even going to pretend the update this week was supposed to go up on Monday this week. Yesterday started with me sneaking Zingers during anthropology class and ended up with police searching my dorm room. No, really. The hatred … Continue reading

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