Monday Update: 5/4/15

It’s the fourth of May, fourth of May be with you, Star Fox Fans! Who’s ready for Star Fox? Hell yeah! Star Fox!

NBA 2K15 (XBONE): Fourteenth Appearance, Fourth Straight Appearance

I’m sure everyone’s excited to hear more about the story of Craig LeChuck and the Sacramento Kings. He made the All-Star game, I accidentally tried the dunk contest even though he’s like 6’4 and can barely dunk. Scored 55 at the rising stars game.

Super Mario 64 (N64): Seventh Appearance, Fourth Straight Appearance

Thanks to all y’all who watched me try to stream this game on Saturday morning. That stream, like the original episode of Sports of the Day is something that wasn’t perfect, but might lead to something better in the future. Mario 64 is a very hard game, but I’m getting through it. Regular episodes of EN64G return this week!

NBA Courtside 2002 (GC): Second Appearance, Last Appearance 3/3/15

QUICK: Watch this video! now Read this thing! I’m glad to shed a little light on this game, it’s alright! I complain about it all over this video, but it really is a good game. I’ve written and spoken enough about it, and I have no idea what else to say. I guess I could talk about the playoffs. Here are my predictions:

-Washington over Atlanta 4-2: After yesterday’s victory, I have a lot of faith in the Wizards and John Wall. Also, my faith in the Hawks is fading.

-Golden State over Memphis 4-1: nobody can stop the dubs

-Chicago over Cleveland 4-2: Okay so I did the math and the Bulls are better than the Cavaliers at every matchup other than Small Forward. Derrick Rose will rise to the occasion against Kyrie, I believe in Jimmy Butler more than J.R. Smith, with Kevin Love out, I take Joakim Noah over whoever, Kendrick Perkins, I think? BOMBSHELL ALERT: The matchup between Pau Gasol and Timofey Mozgov might be what decides this series. I’m not smart, though

-Los Angeles over Houston 4-3: I just wanna see more Ballmer and I also want to see Chris Paul get to a conference final more than I do Dwight Howard. The Clips are good in an uninteresting way, and so are the Rockets. I know I say that the best players take over in the playoffs, and that might be true with James Harden and the Rockets, but after seeing what Chris Paul and Blake Griffin did against the Spurs, I believe in LA.


Little Big Adventure (PC): First Appearance

I bought it on GOG 7 months ago, apparently, and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. Neat story. I’m not far into it at all so I’ll hold off judgement.

Madden 2002 (GC): Seventh Appearance, Third Straight Appearance

I don’t wanna link the videos because I got destroyed by the Eagles. The Eagles murdered the LA Life. Calling them the LA Life is incorrect now. LA Dead more like it. Boom.

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