The [DAY] Update: 3/31/15

I really wanted to put this up on Monday, especially Sunday night I was thinking about how I’d put it up on Monday. Some sadly forseen circumstances came into play yesterday, and I was sidetracked once again from making the “Monday Update” live up to its name. I’m still writing it because I feel like I need to.

NBA 2K15 (XBONE): Eleventh Appearance, Last Appearance 2/17/15

I might start playing this more as time goes on, especially now that the playoffs are coming up and soon there will be no more college ball, only pro ball, and only the goddamn playoffs. (mavs are looking at a seventh seed and I don’t know how to feel, unless Rondo can start playing Playoff-Rondo well again I’m not too confident)

Anyway I like this game a lot and I can’t say that much else about it.

Super Mario 64 (N64): Fourth Appearance, Last Appearance 3/16/15

I’m still trying to do this, don’t worry. I’m so glad I didn’t royally fuck up that last bit on Whomp’s fortress with the Owl because I’ve been known to fail many, many times on camera if left unchecked.

Mega Man’s Soccer (SNES): Third Appearance, Last Appearance 3/16/15

I went 2-1 in three games against the generic Mega Man team, and I’m feeling good. Real good.The May-ga Man cup is MINE. 

Super Mario Bros (NES): First Appearance

On Monday, I lost my dog of 15 years. She lived a good and long life, full of great memories, and we were lucky to have had her around for such a long time anyway. I was in Kindergarten when we adopted her in Winter of 2000, and I’m a sophomore in college now. It’s very difficult for me to think of a time where she wasn’t around with me, and it’s even more difficult to think that I’ll be spending the rest of my time without her. I came home to see her one last time yesterday, and once my parents had left for the vet with her, I didn’t know what to do with myself.

As I have so often before, I turned to media in some sort of attempt to comfort myself and keep myself from breaking down. I chose to play the one game that I suppose has stuck with me before I could remember it. It’s about the simplest game I own, maybe the one that I know the best, and I just played it for about 40 minutes yesterday. I spend a lot of time focusing on new experiences, but sometimes all I need is to go back and enjoy something while contemplating something else. Maybe that’s because this game’s 32 levels are burned into my brain through years of experience, and playing through it sets my brain into a state where I know everything and expect what will happen. Parts of my life, of anyone’s life, end all the time, and it never becomes any easier. Things like Super Mario Bros., Daytona USA, and a number of other forms of “comfort entertainment” don’t have to change or end, and to a certain extent, that helps ease the other parts.

We love you, Blackberry.

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