The Monday Update – 4/13/15

IT IS MONDAY AND THERE WILL BE AN UPDATE. Sorry about last week but it was another case of “didn’t play anything really”

NBA 2K15 (XBONE): Twelfth Appearance, Second Straight Appearance

If you’re wondering how I’m doing in MyCareer, I racked up 10 straight wins then promptly switched the difficulty up one level. Having to make a game harder to sate yourself is a good feeling and I recommend it. (PS, I only switched up from Pro to All-Star, so I’m not actually that good)

Madden 2002 (GCN): Fifth Appearance, Last Appearance 3/3/15

LIFE IS BACK. LA LIFE BABYYYYYYYY, this was the worst game I have ever played. Part 3 of this game is in overtime, and I recommend watching this game if only for the amazing opera of skill and football athleticism that is this overtime period. I hope Donovan McNabb’s stock is low enough that the Eagles would take a trade between him and Kerry Collins with a first rounder added in just to sweeten the deal because dear god I need to get rid of Kerry Collins. I swear, other than Washington’s quarterback in this video (typing his name makes my skin burn and I go blind for around 12 seconds for some reason), no quarterback hung around based on no ability longer than Kerry Collins.

I mean, the three years that define his career are at least five years apart and each with a different franchise:

1996 Carolina Panthers – One of the most bizarre teams to make it to an NFC Championship game, lost to Green Bay the same day that the Jaguars lost to the Patriots thus robbing us of the worst Super Bowl Ever in terms of fanbase existence (both teams were only two years old at that point)

2000 New York Giants – Lost the Super Bowl by getting gouged by Trent Dilfer. Michael Strahan set a record in one of the most un-replayable records ever, and I’ve been playing with this team for about a month and I can’t name more than three offensive players.

2008 Tennessee Titans – Won a bunch of games, including one at the end of the year in Pittsburgh, hyping up the inevitable AFC Championship game between the two of them, then promptly lost in the divisional round at home to the Ravens in both the most Kerry Collins and Tennessee Titans season of all time.

Anyway, I wrote too many words about Kerry Collins, I actually probably have written the second highest number of words about Kerry Collins this year, first being Kerry Collins himself probably on his tax return.

Super Mario 64 (N64): Fifth Appearance, Second Straight Appearance

Not quite finished with Jolly Roger Bay, but I’m enough of the way through it that I can’t get any more stars (at least, I think). That was a pretty clumsy episode, if I do say so myself, but I’m done with it and on to either Bob-Omb Battlefield or Cool, Cool Mountain for the next episode. Your choice, America. Tell me what to do or I’ll do it myself, it does not matter.

Mega Man’s Soccer (SNES): Fourth Appearance, Second Straight Appearance

Did anyone ever notice that it’s technically titled Mega Man‘s Soccer? There’s a possessive apostrophe right there and nobody ever uses it, not even the website I used to stream it categorized it as “Mega Man’s Soccer”. Not even GameFAQs, a place I’d want to get it right, has the apostrophe. It’s Mega Man Soccer for everyone, and I plan to be the bastion of hope for society and true MMS fans. May-ga Man Cup coming up some time next month, though we’ll have to figure out exactly when at some point. Get hyped, still.

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