The Games of February 2016

I’m continuing something for a second straight month. This is a big step, ladies and gentlemen.

Roundabout (PC)

Between this and Crazy Taxi and that Simpsons game from like 2003, I’m convinced that “chauffeur” is my favorite genre of game. Since I can name three games I like in it, and none that I don’t, I believe it’s earned it’s place. I very much recommend Roundabout. It’s a game about driving a limousine that is constantly spinning, and it has video cutscenes wherein a silent limousine driver falls in love with a customer. There’s a talking skeleton in there somewhere as well. This game was perfect for probably me alone, so take that with a grain of salt, but I loved it.

Final Fantasy VII (PC)

This is still pretty good. I’m not huge into the story but I’m enjoying it so far and the fact that they let me name my characters has given me classic screenshots like this one:

FFVII shot

I named Barrett “PRINGLES” as well.


And that’s about all. The PC version’s a little difficult to get used to because the backgrounds and the character models are different resolutions, but I’m not playing this for a modern experience anyway. I played about ten hours into this game on the PlayStation roughly four years ago and I’m just going to try to get further this time. I don’t know if I’ll actually reach the end but I’ll see where it goes.

Halo 5: Guardians (XBONE)

I think I got to the final boss fight. I don’t enjoy this game enough to spend as much time as I would need to getting through it. Halo 5 single-player is an okay experience but not really memorable enough to warrant a recommendation here. The multiplayer from what I played was what actually warrants praise, and unfortunately I don’t have the ability to use it anymore. If you were to ask me if I enjoyed this game you’d get a very firm “yeah” and not much more, it’s not an interesting sort of ambivalence like I got from The Beginner’s Guide or Heart of Darkness back when I played those games, just a sort of “it’ll kill a few hours” recommendation. Those hours have been killed and there’s still a void somewhere in my soul so it comes out in a wash. The whole package of Halo 5 is still one of my top 5 games of last year, but the single-player bit isn’t what made it that way.

Also if you wanna buy my XBOX One with one controller and fourteen games, make me an offer @joebush_joebush on Twitter or


People love this game. I really don’t. It’s hard to be in the minority here because I really wanted to enjoy this but after a few attempts I just couldn’t get into it. It’s like the Matrix, except in a video game (rather, except in a good video game). I’m sure this is a fun experience for a lot of people, and I’m just in the minority, but I’m not going to pretend it worked for me. The mechanics wore old really quickly and the lack of a story didn’t really help it. The closest comparison I could draw for myself were games like “Score!” on the iPhone, and it wasn’t worth the $25 you’d spend on Steam for it. I know it works for a lot of others but it just wasn’t enough of a game for me, and the constant small failures that led to a necessary restart got too frustrating. And, yes, I know I’m spurning this right after recommending Roundabout, but this gameplay feature didn’t work for me while the other one did.

On My Own (PC)

I’ve seen an image like this one on my Facebook probably six times in the past month or so:


I can’t find the version of the thing in English despite minutes of research, but this asks if you’d live in a cabin alone in order to receive a million dollars. I’m fairly sure that everyone would do this for a million dollars. The real question is this: Would you pay eight dollars on Steam to do this in a virtual capacity? I would. This is a decent little experience but I don’t know that it has the staying power of a game like Minecraft or Terraria or one of the other games that dominates the top of the services like Twitch for years on end. After a certain period of time you’re just living and I do that all the time anyway. For as small as it is, On My Own is a good time to come back to every once in a while.

So thus ends February 2016. I liked February 2016. I think I grew as a person and I’m hoping March will be even better, but in the optimistic way. Really only Roundabout will probably stick with me from this month (at least the BETH & GEORGIO FOREVER tattoo I got will be with me for a while) but I had a good time with what was there.

Also I’m serious about the XBOX thing. Looking for $400 right now but I’m flexible.


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