What I think of La La Land’s Best Picture Snub, as Someone Who Has Not Seen a Film Since 2002’s “John Q.”


So – I did not see La La Land, and I also did not see Moonlight, or The Sea’s Manchester, or the fence one, or the math one – or any of these either:


The Argo

Meet Llewyn Davis

Super Size Me

Any of the Batmen Series

I watched one film, starring Denzel Washington in a situation where he had to decide between saving his son and obeying the law of the land in the summer of 2002, and I haven’t watched any since then, because to be honest, there’s nothing better than that.

I can understand how many people may be confused by the favorite, La La Land, a movie about singing, I think, was upset by another well-regarded film, Moonlight, which is based off of the TV show from the 80s. I think I know the answer.


Denzel Washington, who was not in La La Land, speaks into a weird phone

What La La Land lacked –

Might as well call it La La Lacking, while we’re at it. Because it’s lacking one major thing, and that I think is a psychological thriller starring an A-List actor who has to answer an age old ethics question – Save your family, or follow the law? I don’t know if Ryan Gosling has to do this in his Jazz Film, but if they ever remake it or make a La La Land II, that’s one direction potentially to head in. What Moonlight Had –

  1. Bruce Willis
  2. Potentially, again, I don’t know for sure, a psychological and ethical thriller asking and answering the question – Is your family’s life worth the strife of others? This would be an impeccable thing to cover in a big budget movie based off of a television show from the late 1980s, and if Moonlight did indeed cover this idea, then it’s an award well earned

This scene, wherein Denzel reads to his sick son, is not present in Ryan Gosling’s Jazz Film

Why casting matters –

La La Land, as far as I can tell from the Microsoft Encarta page, did not feature Denzel Washington, one of America’s greatest actors, in a starring role. This would have significantly helped the film.

Keen readers may point out that, according to the Microsoft Encarta page, Moonlight also does not feature American Icon Denzel Washington in a starring role. However, Moonlight won the award, and La La Land did not. This would have been an easy way for La La Land to have made up whatever Denzel-sized distance was between the two films, but they didn’t act on it. Think about that next time.


This scene, which was not in the Oscar not-winning film La La Land, is emotional and heart torquing

Why setting matters – 

La La Land was set in Los Angeles, I think? La La Land is like either Los Angeles or the state that my third grade teacher said I was in when I was daydreaming about meeting either Timmy Turner from The Fairly Odd Parents or Denzel Washington, possibly both some days. A lot of movies are set in Los Angeles, is what I’m saying. That’s like, the whole point of Barton Fink, is that you set movies in Los Angeles. You know where a lot of movies aren’t set? A working-class suburb of Chicago. That’s what would’ve set Los Angeles Land apart from Moonlight, setting the film in a working-class suburb of Chicago in the early ‘aughts and also at a hospital.

I don’t think Moonlight was set on the moon itself, but if it was, then I can understand why it won.


A scene not in La La Land, which did indeed not win an Oscar

Overall, the Oscar’s going to go to the film that best explains the pain and difficulty of holding a gun to your own head in order to force a positive transplant for your son, and that film probably was Moonlight, though, again, I stress that I have not seen it.

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