Joe Bush Dot Net’s Best Video Games of 2017

Well, folks…

2017 was a whole year, wasn’t it? 365 whole days have happened so far, and they’re going to keep coming for some reason. Yet, in all 365 of those days, we decided as a society to make video games and play video games. I decided to do the latter of those things, and also write about them too.

I don’t talk about new games online all that much. This is my first video about  games that came out in 2017, which is bizarre considering I made multiple videos about American Football games that came out in the year 2000 this year. I decided to cut my deliberation down to one notecard’s worth of text per game as to save your time. I go very quickly through this video, but I manage to hit ten games, all of which get my highest recommendations.

I mention it in the video, but all of these games retailed at under 20 US Dollars this year. If you love games and you’ve got a budget, this is a list for you.

Also, here are plugs for the people who made talkin’ about games in 2017 so much fun, too: The whole Waypoint staff, the whole Waypoint community, the Polygon Show, Youtubers like PushingUpRoses, LazyGameReviews, Jupiter Hadley, Brutalmoose, Laser Time and the whole Laser Time community, FlemLo Raps, MilesDawkins247, Retronauts, Giant Bomb, Rad Rat Video, Alex and Crackers, and hbomberguy among so many others.

Also, thanks so much to anyone who watched or read or enjoyed any of my dumb games thoughts, I appreciate that so much

Tomorrow I’m gonna have to find a way to talk about music, which won’t come easy because there’s a lot of it and I’m awful at writing about music.

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