Introducing: PepsiCoffee!

Well, folks, it’s that time again: Time for an intrusive thought to become a reality. I thought “a product called PepsiCoffee that’s just Pepsi and Coffee together would be a funny product” like two years ago. It’s probably been exactly that length of time since I’ve purchased a regular can of Pepsi (non-diet soda makes my tumby and teef hurt, etc) and in a recent experiment, I bought a six pack of the little cans of Pepsi (I chose Pepsi partially to make CoffeePepsi, partially because I knew Coke gives me a headache, and partially because there’s been a Pepsi ad on TV and I was like “oh, whatever, I’ll give it a shot”).

I’ve learned two things:

  1. Pepsi still makes my tumby and teef hurt šŸ˜¦
  2. PepsiCoffee is a feasible thing to drink

Now if you think my coffee maker’s a disgusting state of dirtiness, I would like to remind you that a dirty coffee maker gets the soul of every cup I’ve made before into each new cup, thus making every experience even better.’s Brian Gilbert and Patrick Gill made a video of themselves playing the gameĀ Celeste a few weeks ago. Brian would eat a strawberry each time he earned a strawberry in the game, Pat would eat a pepperoni each time that Brian died. At one point, Brian stuffed a strawberry with a pepperoni and ate that.Ā Brian described it as “a berry, and a pepperoni, and I ate both of them at the same time.”

This is what PepsiCoffee is like. It’s Pepsi, and it’s Coffee, and I drank them at the same time. It’s an interesting experience for a couple of reasons – Firstly, the PepsiCoffee retains its head like a pint of Guinness after it’s poured. Secondly, I taste both the Pepsi and the Coffee, but it goes in order: Pepsi hits the front of the tongue, then Coffee taste hits the back of the tongue, then the Pepsi aftertaste rests on the tip of the tongue, then the roof and back part of the mouth has that heavy coffee presence for the rest of the day. Thirdly, this would look like beer had I not put ice in it, and the coffee was already room temp when I poured it. I’m curious what hot coffee mixed with room temp Pepsi would be like, but I sure as hell don’t care enough to find out.

While I don’t recommend PepsiCoffee, I do recommend that people try PepsiCoffee and tell me what it’s like. The recipe is simple:

1 Part Pepsi
1 Part Coffee


I want others to try this cocktail of sugar and bean because I want others to live through the fluid ennui that I’ve just experienced on this Friday morning.

Joe’s on Twitter at @joebush_joebush,Ā on Facebook at @JBPostHole, and sells cans of Michelob Ultra for $3 outside of your local Burger King

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