OPINION: Shit Just This Way Now

Damn… I guess it’s just like this, huh. Like… this is just it, I guess. Shit’s just like this.

Like this… Like, it’s just this way. Shit just is this way, I guess. What the hell is going on? Like how is things this way? Why are the things like this? What did we do to have shit be like this?


This, I guess, is how I’ve been reacting to how it feels

And what made shit to be like this? Who said shit had to be like this, or that it got to be like this, or who made it be like this in the first place? Where’d this start, when did shit begin to be like this? What kicked it off? What started the shit rolling its way from wherever it was a while ago to where it is now? What the hell? What the shit? What made it this way?

And how do we get it to not be this way? I don’t even necessarily mean to make it back to the way it was, but honestly I’d rather see it be a different way than the way it is now perhaps in a completely new way, as long as it’s not, y’know, this way, that’s how shit needs to be, or at least this, right now, is how shit needs not to be.

Do you see this? Like this shit? I mean all of this shit? Yeah, it’s just… it’s just this way right now. Shit’s just like this. Shit just be this way. And it’s just how it is.

Damn… I mean…

It’s just like this. This is just how it is.

I guess

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1 Response to OPINION: Shit Just This Way Now

  1. d shitty says:

    this very good poetry i enjoy the words of how it is.

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