Diehard a Christmas

Christmas movie. Dies Hard: Christmas Film

Die Hard 1988.jpg

love the ChristMas, but I am sick of the films. I am a fan of the gifts and presents and cheer. But if I must watch “Nose Reindeer” or “Frosty Man” or “Will Ferrell” again I will shit. If i watch the boy get the toy gun and shoot himself again I will, again, Shit. If I must watch Green Man steal Chrismas while Thurl Ravenscroft singsf I will, you guessed it, and this is a big one: Shit.

No thank you to that. I do not care for emotion or sap in my Christmas film. I want blood, also gore, also Bruce Williams. I also only buy soap if the bottle is gray and has a pattern of diamond-cut metal on it. The main film in the Died Hard series covers the adventures of John Maclane, man who fires guns and wears wifebeater during the movie. Santa is in it, also, I think, and the movie takes place in “December” which is also the month of Christmas, which is interesting because that also is the month that it is right now

Bruced William LOVES blowing things up in this film, which is good for me because I also LOVE it when Bruced Will takes a big ol gun and shoots a man. Also Snape is there, but he’s bad, and he’s the terorrist, which is also bad. If you remember the Bush era or the game “Countered-Strike”, the terrorist were the bad ones if I remember right, and it was guys like Snape who play them in “Die Hard”, the first film in the “Die Hard” franchise, which is also a movie about Christmas, which is the holiday celebrating the birth of christ

Mom and Dad try to make me watch the other films but I will not. I care not for Chevy Chase drinking Egged Nog or the black and white one where Santa is put in jail. The Winona Ryder crying at her friend one is okay.


who put him here. I want him out.

In “Dies Hard”, Bruce Wallace goes through a whole building and shoots, which is different from the movies where children get presents or people do gross things like “Kissing”. I do not care for them. However Christmas fo rme is when Johnma Clane shows his feet and they’re all bloodied and gross, which is good. I like a the Bruce Willis


get a load a that. now that’s Bruce Willis


DieHard here, to stay, adn I will watch the film for Christmas with my family and cheer whenever he does that shit we all know and love. Die hard a Christmas!

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