OFFICIAL STATEMENT: To The Proprietors and Owners of the Proposed European Super League:

putting the serious black and white logo only image down to show I am serious in this statement

Honestly in my opinion, and I truly believe this, and I really think this would be the case and I do genuinely, honestly think that I would refer to it this way and not the way that you’re supposed to, because I think this would just be the right way to do it given what I know about this venture and how feasible it will be for the future and long term health and safety of the game of association football not just in Europe as the name would state but in the world as a whole because of outer ripple effects necessitated by the amount of money involved and the global reach that the clubs involved have here, along with the understanding that I have about the clubs and ownership groups running the whole deal as well as my own personal history with frustration regarding the coalition between massive, unceasing economic growth and its relationship to sports, because I really do think I would refer to the endeavor this way rather than the way you’re supposed to like the way that it would be in the headline of the Wikipedia article or printed on little patches they put on the teams’ shoulders, as I genuinely believe this to be the case, for really and honestly, the endeavor put forth here is not what I would be interested in, no, and really I think it would be worse than it is already, and I already don’t think it’s great, because there is too much money involved at the detriment of the spectator, which really in my belief is what this is all about, and so this exacerbation of the problems I already see as significant will only worsen it and I do not believe that the improvement in the games themselves will make up for it, only drive me personally further away from this particular iteration of the sport, so in reality, and after a lot of hard thought and consideration, i am ready to make this statement, from the bottom of my heart, which says that my honest opinion is that it would be more like the European Pooper League.


Joseph Bush

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